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Bama Round


Black Lab Mini-Sock


Boston Terrier Mini-Sock


Cavalier Santa


Corgi with Sunglasses


Dog Bone Candy Cane


Dog Gone Good


Dog on a Stack


Dogs Welcome


Georgia Bulldog Round


Hair of the Dog




Humane Society Delivery


Just Can't Hold My Licker


LL410 Airedale Terrier


LL414A-Orn Schnauzer Ornament


LL414H Dachshund


LL414P German Shepherd


LL414Q English Bulldog


LL417 Love is a Four Legged Word


Long Dog


Maltese Mini-Sock


Oscar's Ornament


Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Poodle Mini-Sock


Pug Mini-Sock


Sunglasses Poodle


The Chase


Yorkshire Terrier Mini-Sock


You Can't Buy Love, But You Can Rescue It!