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Labors of Love Designs

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LL104R Middle Age of Venus


LL150T Perfume Bottles on Tray


LL173 Fashion Plate - Flapper


LL190A Bunny Family Gentleman


LL190B Bunny Family Lady


LL190C Bunny Family Boy


LL193A Bunny with Egg on Right


LL193B Bunny with Egg on Left


LL195A Easter Egg with Ducks


LL208 Dracula in Coffin


LL208-18 Dracula in Coffin


LL242 Sitting Elf


LL258 Blue and White Asian Floral


LL315 Koi with Pink Flower


LL315B Koi with Pink Flower 2


LL319 Starfish on Beach


LL323 Baby Sea Turtle on Beach


LL324 Three Baby Sea Turtles


LL330 Euro Sticker - Hilton Head


LL410 Airedale Terrier


LL421A Dimensional Bell Holly


LL421B Dimensional Bell Poinsettia


LL421C Dimensional Bell Purple and Pink


LL421D Dimensional Bell Snowflakes


LL421E Dimensional Bell Green and Yellow


LL421F Dimensional Bell Red Jeweled


LL421G Dimensional Bell Pink and Green


LL421H Dimensional Bell Church in Snow


LL421I Dimensional Bell Green and Red Lattice


LL421K Dimensional Bell Aqua and Silver


LL421L Dimensional Bell Santas


LL421M Dimensional Bell Snowman


LL421O Dimensional Bell Mrs. Santas


LL421Q Dimensional Bell Noel


LL421R Dimensional Bell Gingerbread House


LL421S Dimensional Bell Reindeer


LL425 Just Be Claus


LL427 Let's be Naughty


LL428 Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle


LL489 Rich's Pink Pig


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