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500 Amsterdam Ave. NE, #L4
Atlanta, GA 30306

(470) 343-2105
Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

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Stay tuned for our New Designers Celebration trunk show beginning in March.

This show will feature new designs from 17 new needlepoint designers.

Audrey Wu Designs
Devon Graham Designs
Elizabeth Taylor Needlepoint
Evelyn Designs
Fire and Iris Designs
Hedgehog Needlepoint
Hhanchors Needlepoints
Hudson Stitchery
Jen Laine Designs
Judy Tasch Needlepoint
Middle Sister and Co
Mopsey Designs
Olivia Grace Needlepoint
Poppy's Designs and Co
Rachel Barri Designs
Stitch Rock Designs
Ziggy Stitches